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The best way is to start your day off right is with high quality, whole food energy! There are a variety of ways to obtain a healthy way to start your day and mixing or blending up a whole food smoothie is an awesome way to get going! Smoothie's are becoming the best way to gain the nutrients that the body requires to maintain a healthy day! Vega has the top of the line "Whole Food" products that can help you to become the energetic you that we all require to have a complete and healthy body, mind & spirit! With a variety of flavors, all packed with raw, whole food, gluten/soy/dairy free products, including the delicious whole food energy bars that are the way to go for snack time or with your favorite smoothie in the morning, should you require a little more than a smoothie. Once you start your smoothie breakfast routine, you will find that a smoothie is all that is required to keep you going until lunch, at which time another smoothie, if your trying to reduce your weight and a whole food energy bar with a piece of fruit, will keep you in top form, not hungry & ready for anything! Eat a balanced dinner, including fresh organic raw vegetables and you will not crave for those typically "bad" foods that so many snack on after the dinner hour. Eating after 6pm is not recommended as the body needs time to absorb and utilize the days food consumption and you will sleep a lot better a night! 
I have said it before and I'm saying it again, Drink Water! Water is the key to a healthy, well maintained body, and it something that each and everyone of us needs daily! The most awesome part of Vega Smoothie is that you only need mix it with Water!! Great tasting, easy to mix or blend, with some added fruit, maybe add a few ice cubes and blend! You could not ask for a better way to start your day!! 
Vega is starting it's "Vega Summer Energizing Smoothie Series" to blend or not to blend, which includes a variety of recipes that will introduce you to all the wonderful ways you can shake and blend Vega Energizing Smoothie to make some extremely energizing not to mention delicious summer smoothies! 
Recipe #1  is the Plumbtastic Smoothie, featuring Tropical Tango Vega Energizing Smoothie. 
1 scoop Tropical Tango Vega Energizing Smoothie
2 plums
1 apricot
1 handful frozen strawberries
¾ cup almond milk
4 or 5 cubes of Ice
 Blend until smooth. 
Tropical Tango is a delicious option to blend with fresh seasonal and/or frozen fruit from your freezer. 
This sweet-tart combination of fruit juice flavour from the plums and apricot with the frozen strawberries provides a nice balance and an ice-cream  like consistency! Yummy!!  Check out all the great recipes that will help you gain a healthy, happy, well balanced mind, body & spirit! Stay cool on those hot summer days with an awesome smoothie of your choice!  Get Healthy, Stay Hydrated and Enjoy!! 
Below are some great links to valuable information that will help you to achieve the results that you are looking for this summer and saving money too! 

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