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How To Live Life With Passion, Love & Soul!

Do you roll through a day and at the end of that day think...what did I really accomplish today? Did I do it with purpose or did I just go through the motions? Why am I here? For what purpose? Is there a big picture? 
I am sure that many of us ask ourselves these questions all the time and some look further while others dismiss the thought with thoughts of the days events instead, leaving that nagging question unanswered once again. 
One of my favorite sayings in life is: "It does not matter whether you are the Queen of England or a homeless person on the street, we all are equal, we just have different talents and levels of existence" and from that saying I have looked to some of the top leaders in life and spiritual development, taken many courses over the years and come to the conclusion that this is truth! As we are all individuals with different levels of understanding, learning abilities and life lessons to be learned, it is armed with this knowledge that I began my journey years ago and I believe it made it easier to understand that although the different courses/programs available seemed to target the masses, I would take from them what I needed personally and leave the rest. Then as time went by, I found that all the pieces of importance to me that I took, came together as a mass just for me and my individual spiritual advancements. This was all before the internet and information was not as easily available as it is today. I bought books, courses, meditations, healing techniques and began what has come to be "My Life's Purpose"! Although 25 years has gone by and time keeps on ticking here on earth, I still am learning everyday, something new, inspiring or rehashing learned values as new understandings come to light! Since my induction to the internet, I have come across a ton of different health, wellness, learning and healing techniques, courses and services that all offer a valuable product when you know what to take and what to leave. There is no "one" thing out there that can do it all, as we are just to complex for that to be, layers need to be peeled, new growth happen and challenges that bring lessons learned so that the next layer can be peeled and so forth. So I guess what I'm saying to you is, always keep an open mind, take what you need, leave the rest and learn to listen to your inner self, as it is very knowledgeable and will always lead you in the direction you need to be going in. I for one, have always found meditation to be of the up most value to me and always meditated "old style" until I found "Centerpointe Research Institute" and "Holosync"
This was a mediation life change that really took me to new heights in my levels of deep mediation, which just blew my mind and in return my body and soul also!! I started with them about 10yrs ago and although I did try other products out there and found quite a few that are very awesome and I still us for specific purposes such as headache relief or stress relief etc., which you can see on "Energy Healing/Self Help", I have always used the holosync program for my over all "daily" meditation. I also enjoy the mediation that I do after a session of "Spring Forest Qigong" which is a half hour and completes the process just right. 
Along with a healthy diet, loads of water, meditations and many different healing techniques which I practice, I include a 1 hour "gratitude walk" with my boy Harley everyday, out in the beautiful nature/woods that surround us and I have to share with you that the benefits of walking everyday, are astounding! I have worked some very physical jobs over the years, but with those jobs came bending, twisting, lifting along with walking/movement, that made me think I was in pretty good shape but when you walk for leisure (or so you think!) your arms are swinging your posture straight and your body relaxed in its motion, your muscles respond in kind, holding your back bones in place better (which has resulted in a lot fewer chiropractic appointments), your leg muscles so much stronger, your lung capacity expands tremendously and your mind clears, just like mediating! 
So now that I have shared some of my favorite ways "2 Health & Wellness" I would like to share some of the programs and courses available that will help you to find your way to your life changing path of spiritual enlightenment and deep life understanding that only you yourself can find!
Be sure to check out all the products offered on "Energy Healing/Self Help" and below are some of the great courses offered by: "Self Healing Expressions" which has an outstanding reputation, many valuable life enhancing products and inspiration plus! They have too many for me to list here, but if you click on "Self Healing Expressions"  you will go to their main page where you can see all the different tools available for self help and self healing! 
Enjoy and my your path be filled with all that you desire!
Namaste Jwls

Discovering Your Life Purpose: Living the Life You Were Born to Live
Discovering Your Life Purpose: Living the Life You Were Born to Live by Melanie Votaw

Is your life filled with purpose? Every single one of us has a reason for being here on the planet right now, and every one of us has a unique contribution that no one else can make. It's the reason you were born. Are you living the life you were born to live? This inspiring course takes you on a journey of exploration and evaluation. Ask yourself the right questions and unveil answers that may surprise you.
Dancing with Energy: 9 Steps to Manifesting Your Soul's Destiny
Dancing with Energy: 9 Steps to Manifesting Your Soul's Destiny by Deborah Redfern
Be guided on a journey to create an environment that attracts more of what you want in life -- with ease. In a balanced environment, you naturally experience a greater sense of harmony and well-being. As a result, you attract new opportunities, increased abundance, success and joy. Learn more here.
Discovering the Goddess: A Path to Healing, Spirituality and Joy
Discovering the Goddess: A Path to Healing, Spirituality and Joy by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway
You are invited to the world of the Goddess. She is known by many names and faces, from many traditions and cultures but she does not ask you to give up the faith you were born into or the spiritual beliefs you cherish. Rather, She comes into your life in addition to any other form of spirituality you hold dear. She comes to enhance who you already are and open a new way for you to see and know yourself; to heal and enrich your spiritual journey. Learn more here.
Living Mindfully: A Path to Wholeness
Living Mindfully: A Path to Wholeness
by Deanna Reynolds
Mindful living is all about making conscious choices. Through a five-step process presented in this course, you will be empowered to consciously co-create new realities.... realities with a more positive, creative, and hopeful outlook and outcome. Learn more here.
Lastly, here's one to give your "Valentine's Day" new meaning!

Create Your Romantic Resumé: A 30-day Program for Singles
Are you seeking your spiritual soulmate? This 30-day Self-Healing Expressions e-mail course guides you towards clarity about the love you desire, as well as, provides many spiritual tools to draw in you beloved.
  • Evaluate and be guided on how to liberate yourself for new love by releasing past relationships.
  • Learn an alternative approach towards love, while examining the traits you value in your "ideal" mate -- from the physical, to the practical, to the spiritual.
  • Deeply explore your preference on issues such as living habits, religion, work styles, finances, compatibility, commitment, and personality -- to name a few.
  • And learn meditations, affirmations and prayers for drawing in your soulful love.
Ultimately, you will gain clarity on many issues you probably hadn't considered before. Finally, in a surprisingly simple manner, pull together this newfound clarity to create your own personalized Romantic Resume - thereby planting the seeds for the romance of a lifetime.
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought I would let you all know about an awesome "green" product that is sure to change your "red" valentine to "green" forever and you don't have to cut out the "romance" to be eco-friendly on Valentine's Day! "Going Green" is very in style, affordable and an eco-friendly way to show your love for your loved ones and for this precious earth! Everyday a mountain of trash is needlessly thrown away at lunchtime, creating environmental problems, health hazards and wasting hundreds of dollars for every family packing a lunch. School and work trash cans nationwide are overflowing! With news about the health dangers of plastics growing, green consumers are seeking out non-plastic food containers as well as generally avoiding potentially leachy synthetics when it comes to food packing, plastic water bottles, granola bar plastic packaging, plastic chip baggies, plasticized cardboard juice boxes, cheese stick plastic wrappers, paper napkins, plastic yogurt cups, brown bags, plastic utensils & plastic ziploc baggies and so much more! So here's where you come in with a gift of love that is eco-friendly, resulting in less trash, less toxins, less carbon footprint, less expense and overall less impact on the Planet!
Did you know that a family packing a waste free lunch saves $400 annually & averts 4,320 pieces of garbage?! "ECO Lunchbox" is a gift that just keeps on giving all year round and shows just how much you love your sweetheart, your family and your planet! There is an awesome "Valentine's Day" special offer below: 

The"ECOlunchbox Kit" which is made out of cotton, stainless steel and includes bamboo utensils.
The stainless steel bento boxes and artisan lunch bags with napkins are plastic-free, waste-free, lead-free, BPA-free, PVC-free, vinyl-free and so very stylish, economical , affordable & show just how much you care about your loved ones and mother earth! 
Say "I LOVE YOU" this Valentine's Day with a gift that will keep on giving, reduce your carbon foot print & be healthier all the way around! 

For more awesome green, eco-friendly, sustainable gift ideas, products, services & news, be sure to stop by:

Going Green

Well the season is upon us and it is time to finish that last minute wrapping, prepare all those delicious old time favorite foods and make merry with all those you love and cherish all year long! 
There are so many favorite traditions that people all over the world enjoy at Christmas and through the holiday season and one of them is "cranberries"! The awesome food that does more than nourish the inside of the body, but  has also been found to nourish the skin! Did you know that this beautiful little berry is bursting with vitamin C which helps skin look radiant and refreshed, has plenty of natural acids to fight oil buildup and is deep cleaning, reaching into the pores and cleansing them with freshness! After washing up in the morning or before bed, try this great home astringent recipe that I found from beauty expert, Janice Cox author of "Natural Beauty at Home"
Combine 1/4 cup of pure cranberry juice with 1/4 cup of witch hazel (an old favorite) and soak a cotton ball with the mixture and apply to the face and neck (any left overs can be stored in the fridge) - then apply your moisturizer - that's it! Try it, your skin will love you for it!
This is an awesome home use book that you will cherish having, full of awesome money saving ways to take control of your healthy living!

If your not into making your own, this is an awesome place to find what your looking for! 
The "White Cranberry Cleanser", cranberry juice with pomegranate and willow bark (helps fight blemish prone skin)
Alternatively, they have many great products that you can investigate below!

For those who are of the traditional lifestyle of turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, vegs and home baked deserts, I have an awesome recipe, passed down from generations, that is mouth watering, tradition! 

Old Tyme Shortbread Cookies with Cranberries

Pre-heat oven to 300 degrees 
(if your oven cooks hot, use 280 degrees) 
Note: a stone-bake pizza pan works great instead of 
the traditional metal cookie sheet
Leave out to soften, 1 cup butter - when soft, mix butter with 1/2 cup of sugar, gradually adding the sugar while mixing - pour out 2 1/4 cups of flour into measuring cup and gradually add the flour to the butter and sugar, all the while mixing - add your favorite dried cranberries, folding them into the batter you have just made - lightly flour a surface to turn/nead the dough on - roll out to 1/4 or 1/2 inch thickness and cut into circles, shapes, Santa's, whatever your little heart desires for this time of the year, get the kids involved and have them make fun and festive cookie shapes! It's a blast to spend the time together and create yummy cookies that everyone loves!
Bake for 20 to 25 mins (keep your eye on them, you don't want them to color, just slightly)  Cool and Eat!! Enjoy!

For those who have special diets and needs concerning flours etc, you can modify the above recipe to suit your diet! Try using your favorite "natural, organic" flour, alternatives to sugar, like Stevia and natural, organic butter! 

Awesome articles to read and share that have so much information jam packed into them that you might want to grab a drink and put your feet up! How about a festive holiday "cranberry juice with...." your choice!
From: NaturalNews.com
I wish you all the Very Merriest Christmas and Most Prosperous New Year 2013!
Make merry, love deeply and cherish all the moments that life offers, be grateful and compassionate, 
give for the sake of giving without receiving and Enjoy your Holiday Season!
Namaste Jwls  

Well, it is that time of year again, when the onslaught of flu virus's, colds and the major super bugs that science says antibiotics do not work for anymore, start to rear their ugly heads and create epidemic's world wide. The over use of antibiotics over the years has created a shift in which traditional medicine is not working anymore and has allowed these "super bugs" that seem indestructible, to put a huge scare into the average person who has always followed the "doctors" of traditional medicine's advice over the years. The "flu vaccine" that is offered for free, to the public, does not cover all the "flu" bugs out there and is only created for the most dangerous of "super bugs" that is predicated to be the most severe for that coming year. This to me is one of the biggest problems that we face today, as they create these so called "antivirus" shots & hand them out for free to everyone who gets scared into believing that this the only way to stay healthy for the coming winter months. 
I think that these man made "antivirus" shots, which are actually the "virus" itself in a dormant state, (so this says to me that) they create the virus & hope that in it's dormant state, will counteract the virus, which is becoming a deadly state of affairs around the globe! I am one who does not believe that this process is the best health plan for protecting ourselves and have always opted out of any "free shots" being made available to the public. There was only one time, when I was a PSW, years ago, that I was forced to take the "TB" tests/shots and the "flu shot" of that year and I have never been so sick in all my life! I would rather have the flu and fight it myself than to ever, ever go through that again! Before that I had never had a "flu shot" and have never had one since! I might also add that I have been allergic to all antibiotics since early childhood and therefore I don't have this immunity to them that most of this world seems to have and believe that the over use of antibiotics has become another scare tactic which creates a panic in the public eye and makes people think that the only alternative is the "flu shot"! This is not true and there are alternatives to the "traditional" ways of protecting our health and wellness through the winter months. I believe that everyone has a right and should exercise the right, to investigate and learn all that you can, yourself, about creating a healthy and well balanced health plan for life that will help you achieve optimal health and wellness through any so called "epidemic"! One of the ways to get healthy and have the abilities naturally to fight any disease or virus, is to stop eating all those cheap processed foods, try to get the best organically grown, close to home, foods that you can, or grow your own and know what your eating! Also, "water" which is the key to so many health benefits (read: my take on water & food) that needs to be as "fresh" as possible, without chemicals that change the whole make up of water, like "fluoride", "bleach" and so many other harmful chemicals. Plastic bottles are also a big bad health problem in so many ways that I believe they should be banned and plastic should be a forgotten thing of the past. Do you realize that plastic will last longer on this earth than almost anything else here? That is scary! 
Buy yourself and those you love the "Stainless Steel Water Bottle (BPA Free)", see below for good deals! 
There is quite a selection at "Amazon" that will suit everyone on your list! 
This is a gift that keeps on giving in more ways than one! You can check them out here:
My  other "stay healthy" ways include taking "Vega Chlorella tablets" daily, (this is the best buy I have found)  drinking more than my fair share of fresh water, (usually 4-6 litres/daily, as I have found that the more "good" water you drink, the more your body wants it & utilizes it and it also is a great way to tell if your actually hungry or just thirsty, as most people think when they stomachs growl that they are hungry but most are dehydrated and don't realize it). The book below is an awesome source of information pertaining to "Chlorella" and it's very awesome benefits! I have been taking "Chlorella" for more than 15 years now & do not want to be without it! I have found that once the toxins were out of my system, that I could digest any food, I slept better, woke up better and do not get that "I need a nap" thing in the afternoon! I am presently 51 and have never felt better in my life! I have to admit that I did not start out on my "healthy" path until I was in my mid twenties and would suggest to those who are old enough to understand the benefits of starting as young as possible, do!! 
The benefits of "Chlorella" are huge with it being a "whole food" supplement! 
An awesome read to educate yourself on:
If you are a "multi-vitamin" kind of person who buys such products from a health food store, you need to educate yourself on the benefits and the dangers off taking individual multiply vitamins and minerals! Uneducated, you may over use vitamins and minerals thinking that your doing yourself good, when in fact you could be creating a major problem down the road. Many man made vitamins and minerals are just that and are not compatible with our bodies, so they are just stored as toxins, unrecognizable to our bodies and help create that dangerous toxic overload that so many people have. Please, always research your interests and gain all the knowledge that you need to make informed decisions about your health and the health of those you love! That is probably the best piece of advice I ever received! One of the best on the market, which is organic and comprised of natural ingredients that our bodies will recognize is "Vega One - All the Essentials - All in One" which makes for a great breakfast addition!

There is no better time than now to take advantage of the great products available for your health from the awesome people @ Vega! Check out the deals:

As I previously stated, education is priority when dealing with our health and wellness plans for life and to educate yourself on the benefits of eating healthy, organic, natural foods, is top on my list! The book below really helps the average person understand the need for change in our diets and helps explain the why's and how's of healthy eating!

Speaking of foods, they have some of the most delicious healthy foods that your body will just love! 
The "Sinfully Delicious" is just that and "Vega Saviseed"!! The "Vega - Oil blend" will become your favorite oil product (next to hemp) and the "Whole Food Energy Bars" are an awesome snack for anytime of day! 
Check out all the details, the benefits and the awesome savings going on right now! 

Lastly, for today, I would like to tell you about an awesome product that comes from the great people @ 
Young Living Essential Oils! "Thieves" is the top product of the century, that I have used & preached to all who will listen over the years! This essential part of winter, for me anyway, is the bomb when you feel like a virus or cold is trying to attack you! A little "Thieves" goes a very long way in creating a more healthy and stable environment that viruses and colds do not like!! Now a days, it is not only just in "essential oil" form but you can now get it to clean with, to defuse with, and even get handy wipes! This product rocks and everyone should have it on hand all year long, not just in the winter! Although, a little pricey in comparison to most essential oils, you must remember that "Young's" produces only 100% grown & graded oils that you can eat! Once again, educate yourself before trying anything new! The unfortunate part of "Young's" is that unless you become a distributor and buy into a kit, (which I highly suggest doing if you love their oils and want to always have the best for less) but alternatively you can order all their products on Amazon and still save big! 
You can find all the best @ "Great Amazon Finds" and more specifically @ Jwls Amazon.comEssential Oils & Like which has almost every oil that a person could want or need! Drop by and see all the great oils that can enhance your health, your home and your overall well being!

Now just throw in some "Hemp Hearts" for omega's & your all set for winter!! 
Take it on head first and educate yourself to know what's right for you and your loved ones! 
Stay healthy this winter and enjoy all the great benefits of winter! There is so much to do in the snow and the exercise that comes with winter activities is absolutely amazing! Get out there and go for a brisk walk, hit the hills and ski your way to a more healthy you, or cross country your way to a beautiful day! 
Whatever your preference, get out & enjoy!

I have also heard and read about "Ocean's Alive Marine Phytoplankton" but have not tried this myself as of yet! If you do try it, please bookmark this page and come back to tell us all about your experience with this product! 
Another great source of "Raw Foods" is "Live Superfoods" that just rock for healthy benefits that taste good!

In conclusion, educate, investigate, change your ways and gain the healthy you, you once knew, back!!
2 Health & Wellness for all!
Namaste Jwls


The Healing Codes

According to the World Health Organization, those living in the USA have the most expensive health care in the world, with results at 72nd! That leaves a lot of people without the proper care and knowledge that is required for optimal health and wellness, and as most doctors and pharmaceuticals would have it stay that way, they have made being sick a business with harmful drugs, risky surgeries, wrong diagnosis etc. But it does not have to be that way! We were all born with the most effective health creation and healing mechanisms available on this earth, to use to the very best of our abilities, to create the health, wellness, happiness & peace that we all deserve while we are here, in this life! 
That's where the:
The Healing Codes comes into your life & helps you change and create the ultimate, optimal you!
I personally ordered this program over 5 years ago and still use it constantly in my life to reduce stress, negative thinking, blocked abilities, long term programmed habits and all most anything else that would try to bring me down or hold me back! This is a very easy to learn, easy to do & can be used anywhere, anytime technique, that has proven itself over and over again, with testimonials rolling in from all over the world! 
This is just one:
"I am so excited!  I have used my newly purchased Healing Codes three days.
To reverse the effects of hypoglycemia, I have used the Love section.  After a lifetime of low energy and 15 years of extremely low energy, I awoke on the third morning feeling almost normal and a clear mind.  I was actually productive in my work for the first time in months.  Thank you so much!" V.P.
If your ready to take charge of your health plan, your hard earned dollars and your peace of mind, you really need to register below and see for yourself all the benefits of 
                                              "The Healing Codes"
On the call you will meet Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD who recovered from incurable Lou Gehrig's Disease and  Alex Loyd, PhD who discovered a way to activate your immune system and so much more!
Also take a look at "The Heart Transformation Program"! This is a "boost" to the codes you will learn when you take your health in hand & register today! You will be so happy tomorrow! The Power of The Healing Codes is multiplied when you work on someone else and when they work for you. This live program brings you the opportunity to experience the Codes at 1,000 Times the Power! 
Watch the video below with: Tracey "Hope" Loyd, who is the wife of Dr. Alex Loyd, founder of: The Healing Codes - Tracey talks about how this unique code technique helped her heal herself from severe depression
Register Now! Heal Now! Health Forever!

Namaste Jwls
Did you know that 86 to 95% of all illness and disease today, anywhere in the world, can be traced back to one common element? Something that we all have in our daily lives that can be helped! 
What we might think of as typical run of the mill stress, daily stress is quite toxic in nature and as our nerous systems are forced to react to the large & small stressors alike, we are unknowingly dumping "emergency" chemicals into our bodies that create physical tension and emotional turmoil. When we become tense, irritable and tired, our bodies start this process and it can so easily be escalated into a full blown breakdown! This is not healthy for our internal or external bodies and without finding some relief, technique or therapy, we can have a heart attack or stroke and so many other health issues. Weight gain is up there on the list for a lot of people just a losing too much weight can be for others. The way each of our bodies individually handles levels of stress, is a wide range, with so many people being diagnosed, and put on many different types of medications, anti-depression drugs and so forth. These types of treatments barely work for most, as the levels are so different, with each person's then reactions, personality types etc playing into the factor. The good news here is that there are a ton of self help, depression, illness, disease techniques and teachings these days, that you can surely find one that fits your factor type, without all those harmful chemicals and drugs, leaving you with peace in your life! 
One of the most awesome techniques I have ever come across that is easy and quick to learn, only takes tops 5 minutes, and only about 2 minutes to do! It is so effective that in test case studies, within a matter of minutes you can immediately reduce your stress level by at least 50% and in most cases by 90% and the effects last for hours, sometimes even days! No drugs, no ups & downs, no trips to the psychiatrist! Now that's Awesome!
In 2 minutes, Power to Peace gets your mind and body back in balance so that you can immediately operate at a calmer, healthier level. In fact, Power to Peace is so effective, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee! 
To learn more about the Power to Peace stress solution, just click below & get started on a peaceful, happy you that you can have anytime, anywhere you want or need! Truly an amazing product! 
                                               2 Your Health, Wellness & most of all, your Peace!
Namaste Jwls
It's Remembrance Day and as we remember all those brave and selfless soldiers that 
fought to give us our freedoms that we enjoy, here in Canada everyday, may we take a moment to just acknowledge and give gratitude to each and every soldier who fought in previous wars and those still bravely fighting and defending freedom and peace! 
We are so very fortunate here and I for one do not want to forget that!
Just as our soldiers fight for our right to freedom, peace and security, our computer security systems fight to keep us safe from cyber attacks, virus, trojans and so many other nasty enemies out there in cyber land! 
Now that's a tough job and so many don't get the whole job done, but luckily for us, "iolo Systems" does have it all in one neat little bundle that rocks the internet security world! I have just received word that the "System Mechanic 11" system which is a brand new release, and loaded with new and awesome technology, is offering the most incredible deal of the year! As you can tell, I really love my "System Mechanic 11" Pro and just will never be without it again! I have been using this security featured system for over 1 year now and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone looking for a complete security system that does everything for you but wash your kitchen dishes! Maybe next release!? Now back to the Awesome Deal Of The Year!Fix, speed up, and maintain your PC!
Now's the time to get your computer the security it needs 
to be healthy and for you to have peace of mind wellness! 

Discover what a tune-up to your PC can do! Watch the short video below for a quick facts about: 

Now that's what a complete system tune-up can do for you everyday, keeping your computer running smoothly without hassle! Set the internal menu options to "auto" and never worry again! You can also go in and do any of the function "manually" if you choose but why?! So now that we have covered this great product special, let me show you even more "Awesomeness" from iolo, the leader in PC Tune-Up Technology, whom you can read more about in my previous post: "The Best Most Complete Online Security System".. But on to the finally! 

**Use this special link for an Awesome Savings on "Professional" for 1 year! This is the bomb! Click below!
This is where the "Awe" comes in "Awesomeness"!! With all the great tune-up capabilities and features of Award-Winning Products All in One with System Mechanic, but just look at 
"System Mechanic 11 Professional"! You get the tune-up with an added security features of:
System ShieldAntiVirus & AntiSpyware protection
Search & RecoverUndelete files, e-mail, photos, music, and more
DriveScrubberSecurely wipe data from any drive or device
Secure Online BackupSave, access, and update files from any PC
To see an in-depth view of all that the "Professional" version can do for your computer health and wellness and your piece of mind, click on the banner above and you will see all the details listed and the super savings that can't be beat! Oh ya! Almost forgot to tell you that you can Install System Mechanic Pro on every PC in your home! (New Whole Home License allows you to install 1 license of System Mechanic Pro on every PC in a single family home)! Just keeps getting better and better! Hire your army TODAY! Be FULLY PROTECTED!


Heal your body as you sleep! Starting Nov 12/12! 

Do you meditate? If you answered no, guess again! Every night you go to sleep you engage in the most natural form of meditation your body can experience, says Qigong master and healer Chunyi Lin, creator of Spring Forest Qigong.
"Sleeping is a natural form of meditation and a form of Qigong," he says, 
"It's the perfect way to balance yin and yang energy in the body."
Traditional Chinese Medicine says too much yang energy or too much yin energy can cause blockages in the body's energy channels and lead to health problems.
"But 'Qi sleeping' helps to balance your energy. During sleep, the energies of the heart, mind, body, and spirit unite," Chunyi says. "It's so wonderful because you are practicing Qigong while you sleep!"
To help you sleep like a baby—and fine-tune your energy while you do it—consider these tips from Chunyi:
• Exercise daily to detoxify acidic energy in the body. Walking, slow running, weight lifting, Qigong, yoga, 
or tai chi can all help you go deeper into sleep so the body can balance more quickly.
• Eat a light meal in the evening, and stop eating two hours before bed.
• Consider eating a small baked potato as part of your evening meal. This calms the energy of the brain and    pancreas, helps balance hormone energy, and helps the body relax.
• Don't drink any tea, coffee, or alcohol at least two hours before bed.
• Avoid watching violent movies or TV shows before sleep. "As you sleep, those images are still processing in your brain, in every cell in your body," Chunyi says, "It can prevent you from having a peaceful sleep."
• Before bed, take a hot bath filled with a handful of sea salt, or soak your feet in a basin of hot water with three tablespoons of sea salt.
• Go to sleep and wake up the same time every day to allow your body to align with its natural body clock.
• Sleep on your right or left side or on your back. This helps balance the Qi better.
When sleeping on your side bend your knees, Chunyi says, "and sleep like a shrimp, or like a baby in the womb."
Avoid sleeping on your stomach, which can cause your neck to twist and energy blockages to develop gradually in your body.
• Put a smile on your face as you close your eyes. Smiling causes your brain to send out endorphins that help you feel good.
• Visualize you are sleeping in the cradle of the moon.
• Relax your body from head to toe, breathing slowly, deeply, and gently.
• Focus your attention on your lower dantian, the energy center deep behind the navel. Imagine bright, loving energy there. Send unconditional love energy to your lungs and to any part of your body where you have pain. Allow your body to feel the love.
• Send a message to your body. For example, say to yourself, 
"Tonight I will sleep in eight hours of Qigong meditation. Tomorrow when I wake, all my channels are open. All the blockages in my body are gone. I am completely healed, and I feel happy and healthy."
• When you wake in the morning, don't spring out of bed right away. Lie still as you take three deep breaths. Then rub your hands and massage your face. Massage your ears. Then get up and enjoy your day.
"When you sleep well and feel peace in your body," Chunyi says, "every cell has time to rejuvenate. 
The next morning you wake up with good energy and are ready to go!"

You can learn many other ways to balance your energy and help your body heal during the Free online 
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