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How To Live Life With Passion, Love & Soul!

Do you roll through a day and at the end of that day think...what did I really accomplish today? Did I do it with purpose or did I just go through the motions? Why am I here? For what purpose? Is there a big picture? 
I am sure that many of us ask ourselves these questions all the time and some look further while others dismiss the thought with thoughts of the days events instead, leaving that nagging question unanswered once again. 
One of my favorite sayings in life is: "It does not matter whether you are the Queen of England or a homeless person on the street, we all are equal, we just have different talents and levels of existence" and from that saying I have looked to some of the top leaders in life and spiritual development, taken many courses over the years and come to the conclusion that this is truth! As we are all individuals with different levels of understanding, learning abilities and life lessons to be learned, it is armed with this knowledge that I began my journey years ago and I believe it made it easier to understand that although the different courses/programs available seemed to target the masses, I would take from them what I needed personally and leave the rest. Then as time went by, I found that all the pieces of importance to me that I took, came together as a mass just for me and my individual spiritual advancements. This was all before the internet and information was not as easily available as it is today. I bought books, courses, meditations, healing techniques and began what has come to be "My Life's Purpose"! Although 25 years has gone by and time keeps on ticking here on earth, I still am learning everyday, something new, inspiring or rehashing learned values as new understandings come to light! Since my induction to the internet, I have come across a ton of different health, wellness, learning and healing techniques, courses and services that all offer a valuable product when you know what to take and what to leave. There is no "one" thing out there that can do it all, as we are just to complex for that to be, layers need to be peeled, new growth happen and challenges that bring lessons learned so that the next layer can be peeled and so forth. So I guess what I'm saying to you is, always keep an open mind, take what you need, leave the rest and learn to listen to your inner self, as it is very knowledgeable and will always lead you in the direction you need to be going in. I for one, have always found meditation to be of the up most value to me and always meditated "old style" until I found "Centerpointe Research Institute" and "Holosync"
This was a mediation life change that really took me to new heights in my levels of deep mediation, which just blew my mind and in return my body and soul also!! I started with them about 10yrs ago and although I did try other products out there and found quite a few that are very awesome and I still us for specific purposes such as headache relief or stress relief etc., which you can see on "Energy Healing/Self Help", I have always used the holosync program for my over all "daily" meditation. I also enjoy the mediation that I do after a session of "Spring Forest Qigong" which is a half hour and completes the process just right. 
Along with a healthy diet, loads of water, meditations and many different healing techniques which I practice, I include a 1 hour "gratitude walk" with my boy Harley everyday, out in the beautiful nature/woods that surround us and I have to share with you that the benefits of walking everyday, are astounding! I have worked some very physical jobs over the years, but with those jobs came bending, twisting, lifting along with walking/movement, that made me think I was in pretty good shape but when you walk for leisure (or so you think!) your arms are swinging your posture straight and your body relaxed in its motion, your muscles respond in kind, holding your back bones in place better (which has resulted in a lot fewer chiropractic appointments), your leg muscles so much stronger, your lung capacity expands tremendously and your mind clears, just like mediating! 
So now that I have shared some of my favorite ways "2 Health & Wellness" I would like to share some of the programs and courses available that will help you to find your way to your life changing path of spiritual enlightenment and deep life understanding that only you yourself can find!
Be sure to check out all the products offered on "Energy Healing/Self Help" and below are some of the great courses offered by: "Self Healing Expressions" which has an outstanding reputation, many valuable life enhancing products and inspiration plus! They have too many for me to list here, but if you click on "Self Healing Expressions"  you will go to their main page where you can see all the different tools available for self help and self healing! 
Enjoy and my your path be filled with all that you desire!
Namaste Jwls

Discovering Your Life Purpose: Living the Life You Were Born to Live
Discovering Your Life Purpose: Living the Life You Were Born to Live by Melanie Votaw

Is your life filled with purpose? Every single one of us has a reason for being here on the planet right now, and every one of us has a unique contribution that no one else can make. It's the reason you were born. Are you living the life you were born to live? This inspiring course takes you on a journey of exploration and evaluation. Ask yourself the right questions and unveil answers that may surprise you.
Dancing with Energy: 9 Steps to Manifesting Your Soul's Destiny
Dancing with Energy: 9 Steps to Manifesting Your Soul's Destiny by Deborah Redfern
Be guided on a journey to create an environment that attracts more of what you want in life -- with ease. In a balanced environment, you naturally experience a greater sense of harmony and well-being. As a result, you attract new opportunities, increased abundance, success and joy. Learn more here.
Discovering the Goddess: A Path to Healing, Spirituality and Joy
Discovering the Goddess: A Path to Healing, Spirituality and Joy by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway
You are invited to the world of the Goddess. She is known by many names and faces, from many traditions and cultures but she does not ask you to give up the faith you were born into or the spiritual beliefs you cherish. Rather, She comes into your life in addition to any other form of spirituality you hold dear. She comes to enhance who you already are and open a new way for you to see and know yourself; to heal and enrich your spiritual journey. Learn more here.
Living Mindfully: A Path to Wholeness
Living Mindfully: A Path to Wholeness
by Deanna Reynolds
Mindful living is all about making conscious choices. Through a five-step process presented in this course, you will be empowered to consciously co-create new realities.... realities with a more positive, creative, and hopeful outlook and outcome. Learn more here.
Lastly, here's one to give your "Valentine's Day" new meaning!

Create Your Romantic Resumé: A 30-day Program for Singles
Are you seeking your spiritual soulmate? This 30-day Self-Healing Expressions e-mail course guides you towards clarity about the love you desire, as well as, provides many spiritual tools to draw in you beloved.
  • Evaluate and be guided on how to liberate yourself for new love by releasing past relationships.
  • Learn an alternative approach towards love, while examining the traits you value in your "ideal" mate -- from the physical, to the practical, to the spiritual.
  • Deeply explore your preference on issues such as living habits, religion, work styles, finances, compatibility, commitment, and personality -- to name a few.
  • And learn meditations, affirmations and prayers for drawing in your soulful love.
Ultimately, you will gain clarity on many issues you probably hadn't considered before. Finally, in a surprisingly simple manner, pull together this newfound clarity to create your own personalized Romantic Resume - thereby planting the seeds for the romance of a lifetime.